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Asset Class Index Component Bloomberg Ticker
Commodities Credit Suisse Commodity Benchmark WTI Light Crude Oil 4x6F Segment Excess Return Index CSIXCLE2 (Long)
Credit Suisse Multi-Asset Futures Crude Oil Excess Return Index CSMFCLER (Short)
Credit Suisse Commodity Benchmark Gold 4x6F Segment Excess Return Index CSIXGCE2 (Long)
Credit Suisse Multi-Asset Futures Gold Excess Return Index CSMFGCER (Short)
Equities Credit Suisse US Equity Futures Index CSRFESUE
Credit Suisse European Equity Futures Index CSRFVGEE
Credit Suisse UK Equity Futures Index CSRFZGE
Credit Suisse Japanese Equity Futures Index CSRFNKJE
Fixed Income Credit Suisse 10-Year US Treasury Note Futures Index CSRFTYUE
Credit Suisse Euro-Bund Futures Index CSRFRXEE
Credit Suisse Gilt Futures Index CSRFGGE
Credit Suisse Japanese Treasury Futures Index CSRFJBJE

Please refer to the Risk Factors for additional information on the Index.